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The T.O. Collective


Jerry Rugg aka BirdO


A high school nickname that has now turned into his artistic persona, birdO is a street artist based in Toronto with his most recent piece popping up at 545 King St W. BirdO believes it’s the friendly competition amongst all the amazing artists in Toronto that inspires him.

Photo Cred: Alejandro Collados-Núñez  |  Bag: Duffle Pack Black



Chris Reign


Falling into photography after working in other industries, Chris Reign has become inspired by the dedication and hard work that comes out of the city. Toronto is so full of talent, and he has been able to see a real light shinning out of the city, he likes to call it – Hollywood North. People are starting to watch Toronto and its exciting to see the talent that is being noticed.

Bag: CamPro Grey



Adrian Niman


To Chef Adrian Niman, Toronto means everything to him. It’s where he was born and raised, and where he has spent his whole life. With the opportunity to travel to many different countries, he still sees Toronto as one of best, most diverse, and incredible places to live. After taking a co-op placement under Toronto chef, Mark McEwan, Chef Niman knew that Toronto was just breaking into food culture. Now CEO of Food Dudes, he is inspired to create a cuisine that is a melting pot of different flavors, representing the diversity of Toronto.

Photo Cred: Heritage Park Studio  |  Bag: Briefpack Black





DJ 4KORNERS has worked with the Toronto Raptors organization for 12 years and toured the world playing in cities such as Brussels, London, Barcelona, and Dubai. However, living in such a multicultural city like Toronto is what it makes it the best city in the world to him. With such amazing artists emerging from Toronto finding great success, he sees so much potential for the music industry in our city.


 Bag: CamPro Grey



Shalak Attack & Bruno Smoky

@shalakattack | @brunosmoky

Street art duo, Shalak Attack and Bruno Smoky, came to Toronto from Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Brazil. Influenced by their native cultures, the city has become home for the couple. Toronto is such a multicultural place; they feel one of their biggest inspirations comes from the several cultures they can see and experience daily.

Photo Cred: Hector Vasquez  |  Bags: Alpine Rucksack Black & CamPro Grey



Thirmizi S. aka Distorted.Lens


Beginning as a portrait photographer, Distorted.Lens found his second love in photographing cityscapes when he experienced the culture, heritage, and architecture that lived within our city, right at our doorstep. The arts have had such drastic growth over the past few years, and so many great individuals have paved the road for those just stepping out. He expresses a sense of pride being able to be a part of this movement and wave of talent.

 Bag: CamPro Grey


Jennie Pappas


Growing up as a competitive dancer, dance has been one of Jennie’s longest and greatest passions. The large community of dancers in the city is something that truly inspires her as a creative. So many great teachers and choreographers are emerging out of Toronto and younger generations are coming out as true professionals, hungry and eager to grow.


Photo Cred: Heritage Park Studio  |  Bag: Flatsquare Black




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